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Telikou FT-800 8-Channel Main Station Package

SG$ 1,677.00

Telikou FT-800 Main Station features : 
FT-800 is a eight channel intercom main station. It has seven 4-wire and one 2-wire channels. 
FT-800 supports Tally with BK-100 belt pack and TL-2 Tally light.
It also can connect with headset directly without belt pack.
FT-800 is default with four 4-wire channel and one 2-wire channel. 
The rest three 4-wire channel needs to purchase channel board separately.


Package for FT-800 system. Includes:

1 x FT-800 main station (default channel: 4-wire channel x 4, 2-wire channel x 1)

1 x Gooseneck microphone

4 x BK-100 belt pack with TL-2 Tally light;

4 x HE-101 single ear headset