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LD Systems MAUI 11 G3 W Portable Cardioid Column PA System, White ( NO STOCK)

SG$ 2,020.00

1460 W peak power and 125 dB max. SPL

2 x 8'' subwoofers for powerful bass reproduction

6 x 3.5'' full-range speakers for balanced mids

2 x 1'' tweeter drivers for precise and silky highs

Cardioid column for controlled radiation in the low mids and mids

BEM-optimized RF waveguide and phase plugs for homogeneous dispersion

Optimized bass reflex design for improved bass response and reduced flow noise

Combine with second MAUI® 11 G3 W subwoofer for advanced low-end or cardioid subwoofer setup

New DynX® DSP (Gen.2) for distortion-free playback even at maximum volume

Wireless streaming via Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC encoding

Automatic setup detection for easy operation

Easy and quick assembly without tripods

Robust subwoofer cabinet made of birch plywood with hard-wearing polyurea coating

Columns made of lightweight aluminum with powder coating


Compact, powerful and uncomplicated - a column PA is and remains the ideal partner for DJs and small bands. The MAUI series from LD Systems embodies the all-in-one concept in its purest form and offers an unbeatable PA package of sound, design, technology and handling. Set it up, connect it, and you're done!

The MAUI 11 G3 W delivers a big, powerful and precise sound with 730 W RMS power (1,460 W peak), which convinces in all applications: as a main PA for concerts, as a sound system for mobile DJs or as a sound system at weddings, company celebrations and other events.

With its elegant design, the MAUI 11 G3 W looks particularly harmonious. In the MAUI G3 series, the two aluminum column elements are located at the front edge of the subwoofer, which further enhances the seamless visual impression. 6 x 3.5'' midrange drivers sit in the columns, which, in combination with the innovative phase-plug design and the 2 x 1'' tweeters, ensure an even sound distribution with constant horizontal dispersion. In addition, the BEM-optimized waveguide in front of the tweeters transports the high frequencies to the rear of the audience.

The developer hand was also applied at the crossover point, the transition between midrange and tweeter speakers, to reduce harmonic distortion and cancellation and to make the sound even more transparent and punchy. The result: a particularly precise reproduction of vocals and instruments over the entire 120° x 30° dispersion range.

The columns of the MAUI 11 G3 W are designed as cardioid speakers. This ensures controlled low mids at the front and up to 18 dB attenuation at the rear as well as a clean stage sound field.

With the two larger 8" chassis and the four bass reflex ports, the audibly more powerful subwoofer reproduces bass down to 39 Hz clearly and powerfully. When using a second subwoofer, the bass range can be amplified by 6 dB and operated in cardioid configuration at the touch of a button (preset). In addition, the subwoofer's extremely durable polyurea coating easily withstands even the toughest demands on the road.

The MAUI 11 G3 W is a real sound machine, but also convinces with its practical features in the everyday life of DJs, musicians and technicians. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC encoding, the column PA becomes a versatile sound system. Transport is as easy as usual, and the improved, invisible connectors between the elements offer increased stability during assembly - the MAUI can't upset anything so easily...