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Telikou SKYLINE SK-100 Wireless Broadcast Intercom System 4/8/12/16 users ( WhatsApp at +6596238981 )

SG$ 4,454.00
Telikou Skyline series -  Professional Wireless Intercom System.  

TELIKOU Skyline series Wireless Intercom System

4/8/12/16 users , please do WhatsApp for how many users and we shall qoute. 

Skyline SK-100 is base station of Skyline series wireless intercom system.
SK-100 has 4 RJ-45 connector to connect with SK-100ANT antennas.
Each SK-100ANT antenna supports four SK-190 belt pack.
SK-190 belt pack can roam among these antennas.
Talk button for each SK-100ANT.
Four channels dual color tally lights are supported. 
SK-100 main station also has 2-wire, 4-wire, Aux in, Ann out and Relay control.
It supports panel gooseneck microphone and headset.

Skyline series wireless intercom system is a full duplex communication system. 
This system is composed of SK-100 main station, SK-100ANT antenna and SK-190 belt pack.
The other brand devices can be connected to the TF-1900 wireless interface through the two-wire/four-wire connector, and use the SK-190 wireless communication belt pack to form the system.
The Skyline system adopts DECT  technology and supports 1.8G/1.9G frequency switching. 
Full duplex digital communication, long distance, high audio quality. 
It can transmit music audio without distortion
SK-100 main station has four antenna connectors, which supports max 4 SK-100ANT antennas and 16 SK-190 belt pack.
SK-100 main station has 2-wire/4-wire connector, Announcement output, background input, relay connector and 4 Tally inputs.
SK-100 main station has internal panel speaker, supports gooseneck microphone and headset.
SK-100ANT antenna is connected to SK-100 main station through shielded RJ-45 network cable.
The max length is 500-600 meters, it greatly extend the wireless signal coverage. 
SK-100ANT can use local 5V DC power at far end.
SK-190 belt pack adopts internal antenna. It comes with a Non-slip silicone sleeve.
SK-190 belt pack can register up to four SK-100ANT / TF-1900 wireless antenna. 
SK-1900 can switch between different antennas to realize roaming function between antennas.  
SK-190 belt pack use 4xAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be used and charged through the body's Micro-USB port. 
Beside XLR headset connector, SK-190 also has a 3.5mm jack, which supports in-ear only listen earphone.
The ISO button on SK-190 belt pack can make an individual communication with main station or other belt pack under same antenna, without listening by others.
TF-1900 wireless interface one 2-wire and one 4-wire connector. 
It can add wireless function for any other devices through these 2-wire and 4-wire connectors. TF-1900 also supports the roaming function for SK-190 belt pack.
 Skyline series wireless intercom system TX transmit power is max 20dBm, the max signal distance is 350m.
Skyline system supports roaming function. The SK-190 belt pack can be switchable between different antenna.
Strong anti-interference ability, good transmission sound quality, can transmit music without distortion.