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LD Systems U506 HHD 2 Wireless Microphone System with 2 x Dynamic Handheld Microphone

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  • True diversity UHF wireless system
  • Shock-mounted dynamic and condenser microphone capsules
  • Automatic channel scan
  • Easy one-touch infrared frequency syncing
  • Pilot tone squelch circuit prevents noise
  • Switchable RF transmitter output (2, 10 or 30 mW)
  • Rugged enclosures
  • High-contrast OLED display

The U500® Series vocal sets were developed in Germany to bring you affordable professional technology and sound quality. The radio systems for vocals and speech deliver impressive performance and high reliability, which will certainly exceed your expectations. We have designed the range specifically for professional users to ensure that your performance is an impressive and emotional experience.

Selectable transmit power up to 30 mW provides the U500® vocal sets with a free-field range of over 100 metres. They are available in three frequency bands: 584 - 608 MHz and 655 - 679 MHz, where 12 systems can be operated simultaneously, and 823 - 832 MHz + 863 - 865 MHz, where six systems can be operated at the same time. The True Diversity UHF wireless systems are equipped with an automatic scan facility to find the best free frequency, and convenient one-touch infrared synchronisation of transmitter and receiver to facilitate easy set up.

High-contrast OLED displays provide an excellent overview of functions, with indicators for group, channel, radio frequency, and signal strength and battery status. You can even enter individual usernames. In addition to the squelch function, the transmitter’s silent pilot tone ensures fail-safe operation. It protects against interference and mutes the receiver if signals without this tone are present. The U500®’s efficient technology and high-quality components provide clear, distortion-free transmission without latency or artefacts. Low power consumption means that the transmitter can run for up to 10 hours with 2 x AA batteries.

The U500® Series vocal sets are available with hand-held transmitters, headsets, lavalier microphones and single or double receivers. The hand-held transmitters feature interchangeable microphone capsules to suit singing or speaking.

Overview of frequency ranges of vocal sets:

  • U505 // 584 - 608 MHz // 12 systems can be used simultaneously
  • U506 // 655 - 679 MHz // 12 systems can be used simultaneously
  • U508 // 823 - 832 MHz + 863 - 865 MHz // six systems can be used simultaneously
  • U506 UK (Channel 38) // 606 – 614 MHz // six systems can be used simultaneously
  • U518 // 1785 – 1800 MHz // four systems can be used simultaneously

Product type

Wireless Microphone Systems



Transmission frequency range

655 - 679 MHz


5,554 kg

Product type

Wireless Microphone System Accessories


true diversity

Modulation Type



2 x 160


2 x 10

Antenna inputs


Antenna connector


Frequency response

60 - 16.000 Hz

Noise reduction


Signal-to-noise ratio

> 105 dB

Audio output, balanced

2 x XLR


volume headphones


2 x audio level , 2 x HF level A/B , 2 x multifunction LC display

Operating voltage

1,000 mA , 13.5 V DC

Audio mix output, balanced


Audio mix output, unbalanced

6.3 mm jack

Max. output level

symmetrical -8 dBu

Headphones ouput


Headphones outputs

6.3 mm TRS


2,05 kg

Other features

channel search function , IR frequency synchronisation


483 mm


45 mm


190 mm

Accessories (included)

2 x antenna , Batteries , Power supply

LDU506MD - LD Systems U506 MD Handmikrofon dynamisch




96 (8 groups of 12 channels)

Microphone type




Frequency response

60 - 16,000 Hz

Rated HF output power

Variable (2mW, 10mW, 30mW)


menu , Power On/Off , Set


OLED Display

Operating voltage

2 x 1.5 V AA

Operating time

>10 h (with alkaline batteries)


252 mm


52 mm


0,25 kg

Other features

interchangeable capsule , Pilot tone squelch, switchable gain , switchable gain , switchable RF power